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Hi everyone!


This is going to be my very first blog post and I’ d like to discuss what you can expect from The Book Blog.


First, please bear with me, I am not an experienced writer but I am constantly learning my way around writing good articles and reviews. So, if you have any suggestions or criticism, please let me know in the comments down below!




Now, what can you expect to come from this blog here? Of course, I will continue to write reviews on all the book I read and I am constantly reading! The Book Blog will feature additional articles all about the topic of books and literature.


This means, Top 10 lists, explanations, articles where we delve deeper into books I enjoyed particularly, and I’m also working on interviews. You can also leave your suggestions in the comments, if you have a particular topic or question that you would like me to answer.


Naturally, I will write posts in both English as well as German, just as I’m already doing with my reviews. If a topic is particularly suitable for a German text, I’ll do it only in German. However, there are topics such as certain lists, which I will be able to feature in both languages, as I strongly believe that you should read a book in the language it was originally written in. Only if understand said language, of course.


I don’t know yet how regularly I will be able to post a new article but I’ll try my best to put out a good, high quality article every once in a while. For updates on my blog in general, feel free to subscribe to my newsletter here: eepurl.com/gjvhz9


Now, I know that this is a very short post but I wanted to keep it that way. There is no need for me to go on and on for pages on end.


See ya, in the next post!




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